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Our goal MIR is to understand your business process or home computer needs, so we can provide you with efficient, profitable, innovative solutions that you can easily understand, immediately implement and begin adding more profits to your bottom line today.

To begin, we will conduct a free* and complete audit of your business process at your location and provide you with a written network or computer status report along with a service cost estimate. The estimate will include the recommended improvements, upgrades and optimizations of your computer systems. This free system evaluation service will provide you with a complete overview of your current network or computers condition.

Our trained consultants will determine with you the priority, pace and conditions to implement the improvements at your office to best suite its environment and minimize disruption.

*Free estimate is provided when work is performed during the same visit and available for business clients only. If no work is performed, a $39 travel charge will apply.

We provide quality services and unmatchable support to businesses and residential clients.

These are the services we specialize in:


Proper application installation and configuration plays a key role in your computer system. We specialize in a wide variety of business and personal applications that may be suited and configured to best benefit your business niche or personal computer needs.

Some of our specialized operating systems and applications are:

Microsoft Windows 9x, NT, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, 2008 Server
Microsoft ActiveSync
Microsoft Exchange Suite
Microsoft Office Suites
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft MSN Messenger
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Pagemaker
Quark Express
Intuit QuickBooks
Intuit Quicken
PeachTree Accounting Packages
Peachtree software, Inc. TimeSlips
SBT / AccPac Accounting Package
Corel WordPerfect
West Group ProLaw
Legal Solutions
Symantec ACT
Symantec Anti Virus
Symantec Internet Security
Symantec PcAnywhere
Symantec GoBack
McAfee Anti Virus
Ahead Nero Burning Rom
GlobalScape CuteFTP
Yahoo Messenger
ZoneLabs Zone Alarm
And more…


Even with centralized management in place and the best security restrictions, hardware systems do fail. With a regimented schedule for back-up, your data can be stored and retrieved later in the event of a catastrophe. Although networks are very reliable, when a disaster happens you may loose valuable time which will encourage your clients to turn to your competition.

Our automatic network backup solution will provide you with peace of mind that your valuable data is secured by automatically duplicating itself frequently to removable backup media. The backup media should be stored in a fire-safe box off premises. Protect yourself and your investment with a backup system you can depend on.

One time backup service is also available to both home and business accounts. This service is highly recommended when migrating your system to a new computer and information from the old computer is needed.


Networks are generally a framework of a number of technologies working together. The main components of an average network are:

* Physical cabling
* Network Electronics such as network cards, hubs, switches, routers, bridges, etc.
* Servers & Workstations
* Firewalls
* Network Operating Systems
* Workstation Operating Systems
* Software Applications
* Internet Connection

Our optimization process involves an in-depth analysis of all these components. End result is a comprehensive end-to-end network and system availability assessment of your network. After making these assessments, we provide specific recommendations and action items to improve network efficiency. Our years of experience as solutions provider, combined with the experience of our engineers, technicians, utilizing the state-of-the-art equipment and partnering with key industry vendors, allows us to provide an accurate and reliable end-to-end snapshot of your network infrastructure. Based on this information, we can deploy the appropriate solutions to maximally optimize your network.


Our security analysis services starts with the discovery process of major security vulnerabilities on your LAN/WAN, Internet, intranet and extranet hosts. We are able to probe and scan unlimited number of IP addresses across your entire LAN using agents that work on Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, 2000, Vista, 7 and Windows 2003, 2008 platforms.

Our security tests include:

* Web Servers Proxy/Firewall
* Internet Restrictions
* Mail Server System Policy
* Database Servers NT Password Strength
* User & Administrator Privileges
* Printer & Shared Folders Privileges
* Mail Clients NT Services
* File Access Control
* Registry Access Control
* Applications

Security restrictions available:

* Restrict access to web sites with adult contents
* Limit access to selected web sites you define basd on a pre-defined critiria

After identifying possible security breaches, we will make specific recommendations and action items to close these security gaps. A comprehensive print-out of all test results may be included in our final reports.


Every day the Internet becomes a little more important to your company’s future. Your web site represents you around the world In just milliseconds, prospects judge you by your web site. Is it current? Is it well-written? Does it offer the services you want? It pays to hire a good designer. We’ve learned that over the years. Thousands of people rushed into the net with homegrown web sites. Most of their efforts did not stand the test of time. Image is so important, and impressions are made so quickly on the web. That you can not afford being without your own web presence.


Some business owners take the phrase ‘time is money’ very seriously and wish to maximize their working hours while they are at home. Remote Access Solutions will allow to access a remote computer via high speed internet connection or direct modem connection. Remote Access allows to perform most operating tasks such as: word processing, e-mail, accounting, data entry, database searching, file transfers, personal management applications, etc.


In the internet world today, there’s a lot of spam (junk e-mail) roaming around taking up valuable space in your inbox and wasting your time reading it. But how do you stop spam if there is so much out there? We may install a spam filter that will best suite your e-mail client software and minimize the incoming spam in your in-box. Take a stand to minimize your wasted time by fighting spam!


Internet connection, e-mail traffic and application deployment may be carrying a malicious virus or spyware elements that will infect your computer system and may harm or destroy your valuable data. We can protect your system utilizing the latest anti-virus and anti spyware solutions available. We will configure the application to protect a single computer, or your entire network in real time as well as automating frequent virus definition updates and hard drive scans. We can also assist you to remove virus infections and spyware from your computer and bring it back to good health.


Whether you want to network your existing stand-alone computers or wish to relocate your computer network to a new office, we can help. Our network installation and relocation service will provide a peace of mind installation and will be performed according to the industry’s higher standards by our licensed and insured technicians. The relocation service includes shut-down of your existing network system, packing, relocating and assembling the network system in its new location.

Our Cabling Services includes:
* Network moves, adds, and changes
* Structured cabling solutions, including horizontal, backbone, & campus cabling
* Fiber Optics, Wireless and Copper cabling solutions ranging from 10BASE-T to gigabit Ethernet.
* Voice and Data Drops
* Computer room design and installations
* Cable testing, certifications and documentation of results.

Areas of testing and Certification:
* Copper (CAT3, CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 up to 750MHz) Testing & Certification
* Gigabit Testing & Certification
* Wireless Testing & Certification

We have tools and expertise to certify compliance of installed LAN Cabling to proposed TIA Category 6 and ISO Class E Standards. Our test results have accuracy beyond TIA level III requirements traceable to laboratory reference standards.


As technology improves over-time, new and improved applications demand higher computer resources. To comply with those demands a hardware upgrade may be done. Americom Consulting is prepared to suggest an upgrade strategy and perform the installations that are necessary to increase your productivity and therefore increase your bottom line.

When one of your network system components fail, you need a company that you trust to provide the fastest, most reliable and efficient service your money can buy. Our technicians will arrive at your home or office, conduct a brief analysis of your system and troubleshoot the issue using the high-end stocked parts in their vehicles.


Virus attacks, equipment or software failure and natural disasters may cause your computer system to come to a screeching halt. When the unexpected happens we can assist you by recovering your network infrastructure and restoring your saved data.


Hosting the way YOU want it! Get your professional web presence with your own domain name and e-mail services.

The Service Includes:

* 500MB Web Space
* Unmetered Data Transfer
* Toll-Free Technical Support
* 24 Hour FTP Access
* 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
* ASP Support
* Live Statistics
* FrontPage 2000 Extensions
* Cold Fusion 4.5
* Database Access
* CGI/Perl
* ASPEmail Component
* DevMailer Component
* Instant Setup!
* Password Protected Directories
* Daily Backups
* Custom 404 Error Page
* Server Side Includes (.stm, .shtm, .shtml)
* RealAudio/Video
* PHP Server Extensions
* SSL Security

We will arrive at your home or office and set up your e-mail software on your computer systems.


We can help you set up your new computer through the entire process, from unboxing and connecting it, all the way through fine tuning your settings to fit your needs. Whether you bought a brand name computer or a generic “no name” computer – we can do it! Simply give us a call to help you get your computer up an running quickly and easily.


Did you get your Cable or DSL modem and the service is ready to go, but not sure how to set it up? We’ll come in to your location and get it all set up so you can start enjoying surfing the internet immediately. We can also set up your e-mail accounts.


If you already have a high speed internet connection or a network in your location and would like us to add an additional computer to the network, this is what you need. We will connect and configure the new computer to the network and allow you to connect all of your computers to the internet via a single internet connection, saving you additional monthly costs for multiple internet connections.


We can install and configure any of the following devices: printers, digital cameras, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMS, CD and DVD Writers, Scanners, Hard Drives, Sound Cards, Video Cards, and other equipment. Its as easy as picking up the phone, dialing 818-300-0411 to schedule an appointment and let our pros take care of all your new equipment set-up needs.


Our experienced technicians will install your Microsoft Windows operating system on your computer system and set-up all needed drivers to make your computer work properly. A system re-installation (rebuild) can make your computer run as good as new and is a highly recommended service to system that are not functioning properly. Call us today at 818-300-0411 to schedule.


Got a new
software program? you need to install it! We can take care of the entire process for you, so you can concentrate on using the software. Call us at 818-300-0411to set-up an appointment.


A system evaluation may be provided
to allow you to better understand the needed services and the involved cost of repairs.


Weather you are a computer guru or just a beginner, our
patient instructors may show you how to use your computer. Training is done on a one-on-one basis at your location, and is personally customized to your needs based on your knowledge and requirements.

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